Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sweden bound

Our bus to the airport to catch our flight to Stockholm came at 2:30 am. So why sleep? Instead, we stayed up all night editing photos and watching TV. First Wimbledon recaps, the BBC for a bit, and then this awesome show called "Eye spy" or something like that. Pretty funny show, and gripping. Or, at 1 am it was... Also, I really liked this commercial.

So at 2 we prayed before leaving the cute house we were staying in, and walked the streets of London to our bus station (20 minute walk). Kind of sketch. But mostly just weird seeing the streets so empty. Heather's suitcase with wheels seemed so loud. Saw a few homeless people along the way, which was sad too.
0 hours of sleep yay
We actually stood at the wrong station, so we MISSED OUR BUS! Scariest moment of our life, since our airline is not very nice and won't help you out if you miss your flight. But we both trusted in God, prayed really hard in our hearts, and the next bus 30 minutes later let us ride! Miracle. We made it to the airport in good time, spend the rest of my pounds on breakfast, and then caught our flight. Also a really good thing that we had planned buffer time, because we ended up needing it! Always plan on being there early. Today made all of the time spent arriving early and waiting in airports in the past worth it.

Just before boarding!
I slept for the whole two hour flight. We sat behind these ridiculously cute blonde, blue eyed Swedish toddlers. They were reading Dora the Explorer books in English. Wow, okay cool.

When we arrived, this was an ad that is straight gorgeous:

In Stockholm for less than 10 minutes and
found this beautiful type. It even has a
ligature for the "fö." I think I'm going to
like it here.

Our professor met us at the bus station (we took another bus after our flight) and the day in Stockholm began! We visited the institute building, where our classes will be held. The sister missionaries were there, and we got to chat with them! They seem really nice. Then we went to the apartment that we'll be staying in. Sarah Soderborg, Heather Hackney and I will be living together in student housing! Two LDS girls live in the apartment, but one is moving out in two days, and the other will be in and out for the summer. So each of us will have our own room! More about that later. Our new roommate bought us pizza that was really really tasty. We all talked and did our Swedish homework, since tomorrow is the first day of class! After pizza Heather and I went to sleep. For a long time. I woke up at 9:30 and it was still really bright! It felt like 5:00 in the evening, but was nearly 10! Crazy. This is going to take some getting used to.

I woke up from my nap to yelling. Turns out Tuesday nights are the night before "finals" or tests, so everyone just collectively yells to get their frustration out.

And now it's so very late again! And my body wants more sleep. And tomorrow is class! God natt!

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  1. So I feel like this whole screaming your frustrations out could catch on over here... :) I'm glad you're having fun!