Monday, June 1, 2015

Even more about the hairs

It's a good thing we shaved my head, cuz these hairs do not wanna stay in. My pillow and the insides of my hats are covered with teeny tiny little hairs. A few days after buzzing my head I took a shower and as I was scrubbing my head, noticed this:

Hundreds of hairs falling out!

Even with all of these hairs falling out, I'm still not bald. My hair has stayed relatively the same length since we buzzed it. Except for a few (like ten) renegade hairs who are like "we wanna grow!" are are an inch long. But it's cool. I just pull them out. Which is kinda fun and totally painless because my hair follicles are closed up anyway. So I can pull our hair on demand. New talent? Sure.

My armpit hairs have totally stopped growing (#chemoblessings) and the leg hairs have thinned and slowed, but still grow, especially on my knees, for whatever reason. I've lost nearly all my pubic hair (feeling very prepubescent). Eyebrows are holding out, but my eyelashes are in a pretty sad state. I could probably count the last remaining hairs. Not sure if I'll lose all of them, but it's getting close. I wore mascara a few weeks ago, and the result was mostly scary. Kind of like how Yzma has three eyelashes from the Emperor's New Groove. I definitely miss having lots of lashes, because stuff gets into my eyes all the time now.

Buuuut, have no fear because if I do lose all of my eyelashes, there are tons of great tutorials online to help out! Like this:

Barbie Doll Makeup Tutorial!!!

Who knew you could just DRAW your eyelashes on?! #lashgameonpoint