Sunday, August 18, 2013

Viking dinners, yes.

Yup okej, Sometimes we just eat like vikings.

Yes with this silverware.

And this is the dwarf chicken that I ordered and ate with my fingers.

And this is our group! Final days of Sweden. Well spent at the viking restaurant, where the staff was dressed in viking attire, there was live viking music, and the food was extremely authentic, down to reindeer heart and strange delicious mush-stuff.

The walk home was nice and rainy. We were all soaked by the time we got to the station. But it was so beautiful along the way. And not too dark for 22:00.

Oh ya I'm a student too.

Meh, I almost forgot that I'm actually taking classes, that have final exams and tests and papers and stuff. Whoops. Time to catch up in a librarrrrry. 
Hayden, Layna and Ben in the background... Also workin hard on dem papers.

Oh wait I get to study in a functionalist library designed by Gunnar Asplund in the 1920s? Okej. That's okej by me.

Oh, and wait, I get to study about things that just totally interest me like the graphic design of the 1930 Stockholm Exhibition? Okej. I'll take that too.

Oh, and hold up a minute, I get to look at the original books designed for the exhibitions? Like it's no big deal? Whaaaaaat okej Stockholm you're awesome.

Trail running, again.

Sometimes you just have to stop and eat the berries. It's Sweden.

And then you end up on trails that take you here:

I love this.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday, August 9, 2013

Creative project

Let's get creative! But not like this.


For our study abroad class, we had to make a creative project. This was mine. I recorded all of the type that I consume in a day. And there's a lot.

When I tell people my major, I almost always get asked "So, what exactly is graphic design?" This video shows what graphic design is, and how it actually plays a pretty big role in your life, whether you realize it or not.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Futboll, and then this

Futboll one night, heavy metal concerts the next! Why not meet some of Sweden's metal-heads?

Monday, August 5, 2013


Trip to Europe wouldn't be complete without this:

Djurgården (Stockholm's local team) vs Helsingborg (Sweden's best team) and guess who won? DJUR-GÅR-DEN. DJUR-GÅR-DEN. It was an incredible soccer match, with a taste of everything from a yellow card to a crazy crazy fans. I even got a little bit of beer spilled on me (from the guys sitting next to us; they got a little to excited and surprised when we made our first goal), which I think is just a dandy part of the experience. I'm SO GLAD that we went! I LOVE FUTBOLL.

This is right after we tied the game 1-1. The audience was electric, and made the game so much fun.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The commute

This is the Tunnelbana. It's the subway that runs under all of Stockholm. And it's awesome. It's clean, smells nice, and is full of fun people who do this:

Couldn't quite fit all nine phone-browsing people into the frame.

This upcoming week I'm planning on tracking how much time I spend commuting. That should be fun.

Each station is decorated differently. Östermalmstorg is one of my favorites.

Sometimes there aren't many people, but always there are lots of advertiements. Like this one for Manchester United.

After riding the Tunnelbana, we hop of at T-Centralen and ride some escalators! It's a fun way to start the day.

The famed creepers. These are wildly popular right now. I kind of want a pair. Mostly to be like Robyn.

We walk by this department store on our way to school.

But before riding the subway, we have to get to our nearest station! And that means a 15 minute walk to get to the Tunnelbana station that takes us to the center of town. But on that walk, we get to hang out with these guys:

There are nine of them. I could tell you all of the colors  if you asked.

I haven't started naming them yet though.

Sometimes you just have to carry godis on your head. It's cool.

Cows are nice.

Ode to Kinder.

Kinder supresa (or Kinder ägg, as they are called here), I've missed you. I hadn't eaten you for 13 years. I'm glad we met once again. You were delicious.

Though your toys were cooler back in the day.

Drottningholm, round 2

We went back to Drottningholm. It was fun.

We played in the garden mazes. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Yup. We've got the coolest study abroad. Ever.

Filmed by Dane Christensen.
Directed and choreographed by the #scandifam (check us out on instagram).