Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stockholm Cathedral and the City!

This is Storkyrkan, which literally translates to "big church." In English I think it's called the Stockholm Cathedral though.


It was beautiful! It's kind of a big deal too. In the nieghboring courtyard is where the Stockholm massacre took place, which even was kind of the turning point for Sweden. After that a king rounded things up and pulled the country together. Anyway, my favorite part of the cathedral was the gravestones which were embedded into the ground. There was hundreds of years of type there! From carolingian styled characters to modern typefaces like didot, even set in italics! Such an interesting conglomeration of history in that building. This famous painting was also inside, which was awesome! 

Vädersolstavlan ("The Sun Dog Painting"), Urban Målare, Jacob Elbfas
There are two artists, because the painting was later restored, but restored with major changes and additions. 

After the church, the kids broke off and explored the older part of the city, which is an island in the center! It's called Galma Stan (but is still part of Stockholm). I love Stockholm so much. Oh so much.

We found a really neat, really old store that had all sorts of old interesting things!

"Kitty" is the Swedish Nancy Drew...

I'm thinking about buying this rug. Yes? It's only $23.

Amazing craft. These are all handwoven designs. The owner was literally sewing things on an ancient sewing machine, right there in the shop.

These lions are everywhere. I like them.

It's not foosball, it's miniature hokey! The Swedes always seem to beat the Finnish though.

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