Friday, July 12, 2013

Carl Larsson

We went to the National Gallery. It was actually under construction, so there was only one exhibit open. But it was a good one! CARL LARSSON! Just one of the most amazing artists, ever. Yessss.

No, Carl did not carve this beauty.
One of his good friends did.

This was one of my favorites (it wasn't actually at the exhibit, but was in a slideshow there). I LOVE the composition on this. It's almost jarring. The main subject in paintings is usually in the center or aligned on the rule of thirds. But he completely throws that out the window and puts a threshold to a dark room in the center of the room. It's a rather abstract piece. His baby is thrust all the way to the edge of the painting and cropped, which is so unusual. I wonder if this painting is actually just a composition of color, pattern and shape. You can see how the blue forms balance each other, red lines lead your eye around the edges of the frame, and the rectilinear shapes harmonize. It's pretty amazing. 

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