Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shopping tip

Know the name of the food in Swedish before you try to find/purchase it. Because whilst searching for flour, you may come across this ominous wall:

Does "vetemjöl" sound remotely like flour? Could this be sugar? Or is that "grahamsmjöl"? If vetemjöl is indeed flour, do you want "ekologist vetemjöl" or "vetemjöl special"? And what about "dinkelmjöl," "rågmjöl," and "rågsikt"?!

That was a moment in which I was very grateful that most Swedes speak English. And also for killer logical reasoning skills—thank you SAT—because you would have to believe that regular flour is what they would have the most of on hand, in addition to white flour being the cheapest kind of flour. We double checked with a Swede, and turns out we selected well.

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