Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July! ...from Sweden.

Happy fourth! No one really cares out here though, haha. Unless you're an American missionary. The place where we have our Swedish classes is also where the Stockholm missionaries meet for zone (district?) meetings once a week. Today was the day, and the whiteboard was decorated with a lovely huge American flag, in addition to lots of happy Americans. For their opening song, they sang a rousing chorus of the national anthem (and sounded really really good, actually) which we heard all the way from our classroom behind closed doors (dörr!) Good way to start off the day.

Swedish class, lunch break (I wandered around and found a salad bar, asian market, and muffin bakery) and then we were off to the Historiksa Museet!

This is awesome typography that was on the floors! A huge, beautiful timeline that led you through the exhibit!

Hitler Vikings. Yeah!

I thought this display was really innovative: It's a projection onto the ground. But it looks so good. 

The Futhark alphabet.

Spoils from "The Gold Room"

Plus it had stunning pamphlets. The Swedes. They know...

Really a fantastic museum. Great for kids too! the Swedes know how to entertain while being very informative  I think the coolest part was the courtyard, where they had medieval activities: from archery to baking your own little viking cracker (which was delicious), to making felt or crocheting a bracelet, and all sorts of viking games.

After, we took a trip to the grocery store! It was a blast, and nice to get some cheap food for a change! Yay! Then we headed back to our apartment to celebrate the 4th of July with Swedish hot dogs, cokes, and carrotsticks. We also put zucchini on our hot dogs. Just because we can.

Swedes like their hotdog longer than their bun. It's weird.

And then we watched the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria's wedding ceremony (because we were in the exact church that she was married in yesterday! Storkyrkan!). Followed by Princess Madeline's (which is fairly recent). Followed by the Swedish national anthem.

Then we got a little homesick for the US. And so we watched "America Song." And then the Independence Day movie speech to top it all off.


P.S. I did head fireworks going off somewhere, but it was at like 11 pm, and it wasn't even dark yet. So... I guess that's a good reason that fireworks aren't a popular summertime activity.

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