Tuesday, July 2, 2013

London, day four

Last day in London. Here's how it went. Started with the changing of the guard. You can kind of see them waaaay in the back left of the photo. Cool beans. Crazy tourists. Can you image what it must have been like last year? Loco.

Then we ventured to Magma, which is heaven on earth. So many magazine. So beautiful. I died. And almost spent all of my money. I should have, actually.

After spending quite a lot of time in there, we found a telephone booth. Well not found. More like picked one. They're everywhere.

Photo by Heather Hackney

Walking around we saw lots of interesting things! Like the beautiful type on this umbrella shop:

And a place to drop off your mail. Way more elegant than our blue boxy-things in the US.

Then we went for afternoon tea at a place called Tea and Tattle. It was charming, really. A four course meal: tea, finger sandwiches, scones, and cake. Yum.

Don't worry, it's peppermint herbal, and it was goood.

After tea, we took the tube to Hackney, since that's heather's last name. And there's this giant theater with her name in stone. Not gonna lie, it's pretty cool. 

Then we took the bus (just for fun!) and sat on the upper deck (of course). We asked for directions to abbey Road, but the girl giving us directions had such a thick accent that we couldn't understand what she was saying, so she wrote it on a piece of paper (Kilburn, not Gilbert). We found our way, and got our picture.

Photo by Heather Hackney

Yay London! We rode the tube back into town and stopped by the British Museum (where the Rosetta stone is!) but they were literally closing the gates as we arrived. Whoops, so maybe next time! So instead we walked around for the golden hour. Heather got some gorgeous photos, which was a dream. We walked over the Thames on a bridge, and saw a lot of beautiful sights. It's so pretty here!

Photo by Heather Hackney

Photo by Heather Hackney

Other sights from the day:

At every crosswalk this is painted on the street. So you know
 which way to look before crossing, because it can be really,
 really confusing.

Farewell London! We've loved you. But it's time to say hej ("hey") to Stockholm!

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