Friday, July 26, 2013

Roadt trippin: Part III

Okej, next day.

Wake up, eat a most healthy and delicious continental breakfast (waaaay better than in the States), and then hit the road. We drove the the Dala Horse factory! Here's how they make them:

And here's what we did:

And then we went to Anders Zorn's museum and house:

And then hit ICA (grocery store) for some food. Here's my lunch:

Pear flavor is the best.

And then back in the car for a few more hours. There was giant tofu block and marshmallow spottings:

And then to the viking graves. Instead of putting up stones or anything, they piled up huge mounds of dirt, which then became hills and part of the landscape. It's a pretty cool idea. Not to mention WAY old.

Photo by Heather Hackney.

Photo by Heather Hackney.

Photo by Heather Hackney.

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