Monday, July 8, 2013

Drottningholm Slott

Don't get too excited. Not my photo...

Drottningholm Slott (Palace) was an amazing trip today. So old, so classical/rococo/Gustavian style, and so beautiful. It was quite an innovative palace too: Sweden was financially poor around the time that this palace was built. So instead of shipping in tile, marble and gold gild, the architect took a much less expensive route, and merely painted ALL of the textures over plain wood or plaster. It's an amazing illusion. Often I would go up to a fireplace and touch it, in order to make sure it wasn't real marble  Such skill and innovation. Though visually stunning, there was something that felt lacking in the fake/cheap materials. Almost like something that leaves a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Or maybe I'm just all about quality. Well, regardless, it was quite an incredible castle, and also really old. I really enjoyed being fully immersed in Baroque-era decor. But I also really enjoyed the parks! More about that later though.

Not my photo. But this was my favorite room in the palace. The Library.

Not my photo. This is the most amazing theater ever. It's completely preserved, never been restored, and has a fully functioning 18th century set. AND THEY STILL PERFORM FOR LIVE AUDIENCES. I really would like to see an opera here before I leave. And it might happen!

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  1. The library totally looks like the library in Beauty and the Beast!