Friday, June 28, 2013

LONDON. Enter Sarah Kay.

Moments before leaving to catch my rescheduled flight. Hammocking in my backyard with To Kill A Mockingbird.

Yup. I'm here. It's real.

And not going to lie, blogging is looking daunting. So much happens in one day! Gah! Ok, here we go:

Adventures began and ended and then began again on Wednesday afternoon, when I show up to the airport (ridiculously early due to a stray email telling me that my flight was departing earlier. they sent it to the wrong person) only to sit around for a few hours and watch my flight progressively get delayed more and more. To the point that I would have missed my connection to London. So rescheduled I was, to a flight a full 22 hours later. Meh.


Next day I show up at the airport, only to sit around and watch my flight be delayed, again. But no worries! Because this time I had a 7 hour layover to buffer any amount of delays. On the flight to Philly I sat by a nice Frenchman, we talked about everything from Germany to Mormon beliefs ("No, we don't ride horses and avoid technology, that's the amish."). We stuck together for the first few hours of my layover and continued to chat. He spoke very good english, and was probably the nicest french person I've met. Before leaving for his flight he brought me some snacks and gave me his email. "If you ever are visiting France and want to know what to do!"

Unfortunately, after my friend left I discovered I was trapped for four more hours in an airport with no wifi. That, in addition to another two hour delay because of weather in New York.

Storms in Philly blew over to NY, which delayed my second flight a good two hours.

Just before takeoff to London! I got a whole row (two glorious seats) all to myself.
This is the view! Left Philly at midnight, slept until I arrived in London!

The view 8 hours later!
After an hour in line for customs, and then a short interrogation Heather met me at the airport, and we took the tube back to our hostel. But on the way we made a pit stop here:

The view getting off of the tube. 
And then ate here:

First meal in London at this cafe.

Fish and chips! And a "salad" that's not really a salad as we know salads... 

And what do you know, we sat next to a table of girls who were speaking Swedish and Finnish! They were writing postcards as we left, and told us the weather was going to be lovely in Stockholm. 

Back on the tube we hopped.

And that's the typeface Johnston set there on the Underground logo. Beautiful type, designed in the early 1900s.
Still holds it's own today. And it's everywhere in London!
After arriving, checking out the place (a little ghetto, but hey, it's all part of the experience!) we planned out our week of adventures! But a priority for me was finding a place to purchase a sketchbook. So we ventured out, but didn't make it in time. But we did find some other neat places. Like Picadilly Circus (it's not a circus, just a place) and Trafalgar Square! Which are a lot like Times Square. Or is Times Square like them? (...chicken or the egg?) EIther way, it was a fun place to be on a Friday night—crazy busy and packed with tourists going to see shows and the like.

Just exploring. We were looking for an art store to buy sketchbooks, but it closed the minute before we arrived. 

As we circled back to find our station and some food, we found the National Gallery!

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