Saturday, June 29, 2013

London, day two

The tube. Each station is decorated differently. Thought this one was pretty interesting.

Day two: getting the hang of things. The day started with a trip to the art store to buy a sketchbook. An A5 size sketchbook. Yes.

Then a trip to Borough Market, which was amazing. I took a lot of photos, but on my camera. So you'll have to wait till the end of summer to see those. At the market we bought all sorts of fresh food! Strawberries, baby carrots, apricots, apple, banana, fresh sourdough bread, and brie. It was a good trip. And got a three or four meals for the next few days.

Then, laden with our food, we went to Regent Park, which was beautiful. Queen Mary's rose garden was incredible. I think I have a new favorite flower. Even though roses are a bit cliche. After seeing nearly 100 varieties, and smelling at least 30 of them, they're a hard flower not to love. We ate our little lunch on a bench, and just enjoyed the general splendor.

Asian tourist baby that got tired of riding his scooter.


After that lovely lunch, we caught the tube back to London Bridge station and walked along the Thames to the Tate Modern. Amazing museum. Lots of good things in there. Even just a few hours in there doesn't feel like enough. I'll post about it another night though—I'm so tired!

Another ride on the tube to a place we heard had "free live jazz music and sketch." Turns out it was inside of a restaurant, that was extremely high class. Like people wearing diamonds and party dressed, hopping out of limos and what not. Uh, so we did not go in. They had a bouncer wearing a bowler cap!

We ended up grabbing lunch in a little cafe across the street instead, and eating the rest of our strawberries. The food in London is pretty healthy. I like how they eat. Though it's pricey. But, maybe that's just Europe.

Another observation: things are pretty energy-efficient here. Or, at least use-as-little-energy-as-possible. From low pressure sinks and showers, to tiny cars and a killer public transport system it's been fun to see a very different way of living. Though a little less fun when you have to press a button every 11 seconds in the shower to keep the water flowing. But I'm not complaining. I'M IN EUROPE!

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