Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finally! Port!

I'm finally healed up enough from previous surgeries that we can move forward! We start chemotherapy in five days AND WE ARE SO EXCITED!

We start Tuesday, January 20. Each session should take about 2.5–3 hours. I'll go in every two weeks for chemo for twelve sessions total. Right now my the date of my last chemo session is June 23!

Yesterday I had my last IV for the next six months! (That's what the picture above is celebrating) I won't need to get anymore IVs for a while because I had a port put in. A port is a little device that goes under my skin just below my collarbone that connects directly to one of my blood vessels. Instead of trying to hook up to my veins every two weeks (which nurses usually poke through because my veins are so "squirrely," which is painful and really annoying), with a port you poke through the skin into the port, and can draw blood or drip in chemotherapy chemicals. It's very convenient.

It's also purple.

But I do feel like a bit of a cyborg, with my skin bulging out in a weird rounded triangle. I'll post a pic in a few weeks when the scar is a little more healed up. I don't wanna make Ishel pass out...

Tomorrow I'll have a CT scan done so we can see how much the cancer has grown, and then it's on to CHEMO! HURRAH!

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