Sunday, December 21, 2014

What's up now

I've been feeling better! It's so so so awesome to be able to do things! Like put on my own socks, or drive myself to the grocery store and walk around almost normal! (Or build that bookcase with Derek!) It's incredible! As soon as Derek and I found out I had Crohn's we changed our diet, and have seen incredible improvements!


I can't even just say how happy I am. Now, things are not perfect, and there still are days where I lie in bed most of the day. But I'm in pain considerably much less. I've become more flexible, my bowel movements are less painful than they used to be (because the open wounds from surgeries are finally starting to heal, rather than just bleeding and tearing all the time), but I still have pain in my gut (because I think I'm still a little inflamed and dealing with those ulcers in my colon).

I've been eating more, and for the first time in 4 months I maintained weight!!! Every doctor's visit I would weigh in and be a little less than the last time. But, since changing our diet and continuing to that the medicine the doctor prescribed, I have had an increase in appetite, and not lost weight (I'm keeping things strong at 88 lbs. right now). Miracles, answers to prayers, and a testimony that nutrition is SO IMPORTANT. I'll talk more about what we eat in another post.

So we met with our doctor/surgeon last week. He took a look and announced that my bum was indeed starting to heal! There is still an opening/cut that is still draining blood and pus (I've been wearing pads for three months straight now because of this). But it is healing. And he said I looked healthier, not as pale. Yes! Even though I still am very-ery pale, I have a healthier glow than I did in October and November.

I'll go back to visit him the first week of January, at which point we will probably proceed to preparing for chemo if I am continuing to heal up in my bum. Finally we can move forward! And here's what I mean when I say move forward:

  • Colonoscopy round 2 to check on ulcers and inflammation
  • Meet with gastroenterologist to check-up on my Crohn's and talk about how chemo could affect things
  • Meet with hematologist (cancer doctor) to check up on where we are and how I'm doing.
  • CT/PET scan to check on cancer growth. We think I'm still in stage 2, but we will find out for sure
  • Port surgery so that I don't have to get an IV for chemo every 15 days
  • Chemotherapy!
Woo! We are just excited to move forward with all this and get me well again!

And I'm so glad that I feel mostly well just in time for my family to come visit me from Virginia for Christmas and the New Year! LIFE IS WONDERFUL

And Ishel is a goof.


  1. So excited to hear you're having some good days now & then. I was heartbroken to read Derek's post about the Chron's diagnosis. I'm looking forward to reading about the diet you guys have changed over to. I enjoyed Dereks comments about raw milk. When I was on my mission in upstate NY, I was first introduced to raw milk and remember liking it a lot. Additionally I discovered how great real maple syrup was and as a result of my ignorance & that of one of my companions, who was just as much a city boy as I was, discovered you can get a buzz & hangover from apple cider you've let sit in the refrigerator too long. My diet basically sucks & if I could find anything to control my sugar cravings, it would be a miracle in my book.

    You and Derek are often in my thoughts and consequently in my prayers. The Lord did not give you cancer or Chron's Disease or have Derek get sick as you were relying on him for care & support. That's called life & sometimes it's no fun. But I can testify from the experiences Sharon & I had while she fought her battle over 11 years ago with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, through the enabling power of the Infinite Atonement you can handle the ups & downs you will encounter. The Lord "descended below all" so he could lift us up. Look up the talk Elder Bednar gave at BYU on October 23, 2001 when he was President of BYU-Idaho entitled, "In the Strength of the Lord."

    I love you and your family and was happy to read you'll all be together for Christmas & New Year celebrations. Take care & keep writing!

    -Brother Morgan

  2. Sarah Kay,

    You are an inspiration on the love you have for life and family. I am so happy to hear that you are healing and feeling better today. I absolutely love you and your family. Keep your Faith with it mountains will be moved. Merry Christmas to you, your wonderful husband, and the family. Hang in there sweetie, you remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    Shellie Lawrence and family