Saturday, September 27, 2014

You'll never guess

So you may have read that last post and wondered "Wait, that was only 5 doctors appointments..."

The sixth doctor's appointment was for Derek! He has been feeling under the weather lately, tired all the time, and has a sore throat. He went to the doctor, got swabbed, blood taken, and turns out that he has mono! So we are both major sickies!

Hopefully this will pass in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, we are both sick and tired. So we will be spending quite a bit of quality time together sleeping.

I will note that when Derek got home from the doctor and told me we both laughed and laughed. The absurdity of the whole situation is just hilarious. I think it's safe to say that after 4 months, we have had a pretty extreme marriage.


  1. Dear Sister Sarah,
    I will be dedicating my Fast and directing my prayers for you and your sweet husband.

  2. No way!! Wow, when it rains it pours? I felt the same way about our first year of marriage. First we had to deal with all Jared's court cases. Then we dealt with his back spasming out and me taking care of him full time while he was paralyzed for 2 weeks. We dealt with being blackmailed by our university and not being accepted to med school. I came down with a weird and painful condition that I still don't understand, and Jared had to visit several doctors for several different things, which made a big dent in our minimum-wage income. Like you, we got to the point where all we could do was laugh. I know that is all very small in light of what you two are going through, but looking back on that year, it's still the happiest of my life because I was finally married to my best friend, and we had each other. We're praying for you Sarah! You are one tough cookie--keep on laughing!

  3. Love you and your attitude, lady :)

  4. the title made me lol like wait am i the only one who didn't even bother to count if there were really six doctor appointments........................................