Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sooo, here's a life recap of the past year:

My study abroad to Sweden last summer was wonderful. I had a blast in Europe, and really hope that I get a chance to go back. Confession: my blogging here started to lag quite a bit because I was sending emails to this boy that I liked. He was funny, charming, and a steady correspondent. A week after I got back to Provo, UT we held hands, kissed, and started dating all in one night. That fall semester while going to school, we both fell in love.

Fast forward to Christmas: with the help of his family, we surprise Derek and fly him to Virginia. He surprises me with a ring and proposal on the beach.

After another semester of school and work, we are married a week after finals. We honeymoon in St. George, and backpack into Havasupai.

A few weeks later we find ourselves in New York City (living a block and a half from the Metropolitan Museum of Art!), where I have a graphic design internship and Derek starts his own tutoring business.

After the summer ended, we came back here to Provo, Utah! We have an apartment that is four times as large as our New York studio, and half the price! Derek majoring in Applied and Computational Mathematics (he wants to be a data scientist) and is going to school full-time as well as working part-time. I'm taking the semester off: no school and no work, just lots of rest.

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